CARTT4800-G1 – Trolley Handling Area

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CARTT4800-G1 – Trolley Handling Area

Fitting for airport, railway stations, pier centralized transiting international passengers baggage when departure or arrival. Trolley body is assemble designed with chassis+frame split optimization design. Walking system adopts double guide wheel+single axis two wheel structure design. The fixed wheel of the braking installation adopts the manual braking system, and the guide wheel adopts the foot moving brake system. Deploying special fixed wheels and special guide wheels support wheels (single carrying capacity more than 300kg). Configure trolley manage system RFID manage system (for customer choose).

Material: stainless steel with electrochemical polishing.
Dimensions: 2000 × 1600 × 820mm
Weight: 85Kg
Nominal load capacity: 800Kg / 1000Kg Max.
Distance between axes: 855mm
Distance between casters: 630mm
Casters: 2 fixed Ø300mm, 2 swivel Ø200mm
Forks from swivel wheels plated in chrome and zinc.
Chassis height: 320mm
Handle height: 1060mm
RFID system increasing each caster’s load capacity, resistance and mobility. Automatic manual braking system that blocks the fixed wheels, and foot braking system on the swivel wheels

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