CARTT4800-G0 – Trolley Handling Area

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CARTT4800-G0 – Trolley Handling Area

Handling Area Carttec trolleys are large, stable, very manageable and highly
resistant, with stainless steel body and chassis that provides robustness and with
natural rubber wheels for better mobility and adaptability to the climatic
conditions. Cartt4800-G0 is used in the airfield for loading passenger luggage and transporting to the air plane by special towing vehicle.

Material: stainless steel with electrochemical polishing.
Dimensions: 3350 × 1000 × 1550mm
Weight: 300Kg
Volume: 2000L
Nominal load capacity: 800K
Casters: 2 fixed, 2 swivel Ø300mm
High reliability automatic braking system.

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