CARTT4250 – Stainless Steel Airport Trolley

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CARTT4250 – Stainless Steel Airport Trolley

Curvilinear trolley of smooth and elegant appearance stainless steel (304) manufactured. Rotating the rear fixed wheels and wheel bearings front, provide flexibility, stability and durability.

Material: stainless steel with electrochemical polishing.
Dimensions: 980 × 640 × 1000mm
Dimensions of the information panel: 475 × 450mm
Weight: 20Kg
Nominal load capacity: 300Kg Max.
Nesting distance: 270mm / Length of 10 nested carts: 3410mm
Casters: 2 fixed Ø180mm, 2 swivel Ø125mm
Basket in stainless steel with electrochemical polishing
No brake.

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