CARTT4200-G5 – Stainless Steel Airport Trolley

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CARTT4200-G5 – Stainless Steel Airport Trolley

The front bracket is designed for extra lugagge restraint, wich makes this model very special and it is also the heaviest luggage trolley of our models. It is indeed the giant trolley for high loads.

Material: stainless steel with electrochemical polishing.
Dimensions: 1050 × 670 × 1045mm
Dimensions of the information panel: Central 580 × 300mm Basket 480 x 100 (120)mm
Weight: 27,5Kg
Nominal load capacity: 150Kg
Nesting distance: 270mm / Length of 10 nested carts: 3410mm
Casters: 2 fixed Ø180mm, 2 swivel Ø125mm
The front support bar can hold the heaviest luggage.

Automatic self-adjusting brake.

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