CARTT4060-VP – Aluminium Airport Trolley

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CARTT4060-VP – Aluminium Airport Trolley

Airport trolley with multi-media vídeo player with intelligent loob playback and more than 20 hours autonomy. Avant-garde design based on the simplicity of structure with an high visibility advertising area. High strength thanks to the aluminum alloy body and stainless steel parts, and its wheels that provide stability, flexibility and manageability driving.

Length: 710 mm
Height: 1.050mm
Width: 580mm
Player size: 239 x 153 x 26mm
Display area size: 199 x 112mm
Basket size: 412 x 200 x 45mm
Wheels: 2 fixed and 2 swivel 125x38mm
Front ad panel: 480 x360mm
Nesting distance: 350mm
Rated load capacity: 60Kg
Weight: 17 kg
Body: special aluminum alloy with anodic oxidation surface treatment.
Basket: special stainless steel with electrochemical polishing finishing.
Connection seat for video machine: stainless steel.
Bumper/Tray: PU, PP

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